Winter Rye Seeding


Power Raking

Power raking is a process used for thatch removal. It removes unnecessary levels of thatch. This helps prevent disease, and allows the regeneration of new lawn to occur naturally. Power raking is used at the time of winter seeding, to allow for faster germination and to prepare your lawn for the following spring. 



Just like people, your lawn and soil and need to breathe in order to stay happy and healthy. Lawn aeration keeps the air levels at their best, and allows for increased water penetration. As the plugs break down on the surface, their nutrients are redistributed from above for a stronger, healthier root. 


Winter Rye and Germinating Soil

After the power raking and aeration processes, we will spread a generous top coat of Winter Rye, and a special blended germinating, mulched soil that supplies hearty nutrition to the new seed. This creates a beautiful, bright green lawn that will impress everyone who sees it. Green up, and schedule your winter rye overseeding today!