Irrigation Services

Pop-Up and Riser Sprinklers


 A nice lawn begins with the right coverage and proper amounts of hydration. We’ll evaluate the functionality and water distribution of all pop-up sprinklers to ensure the heads are intact and unclogged with no leaks. We check the spring strength, correct the direction and ensure a clear line of appropriate spraying coverage. 

Rotary Sprinklers


Rotary Sprinklers are a bit more complicated, as they have more mechanisms that must be kept in working order. We will activate all zones, and ensure that each sprayer is functioning properly and using its full range of motion, as well as distributing the correct volume of water. 

Drip Systems


Drip lines never cease to amaze us. No matter how hard you try, these pesky drip heads will often pop off and leave behind a puddle of water. Our inspection and testing parameters include checking for leaks, replacing any defective heads and testing the entire system to ensure a clean line and proper water volume. 

Soaker Systems


Soaker systems aren’t quite as common, but are still effective. This watering system is great for flower beds, planter boxes and rows of vegetation. They are often concealed under a light layer of soil or granite, but they are still at risk of damage by small rodents or foot traffic. We check the whole system to ensure it’s operating properly. 

Timers and Valves


Timers and valves are the heart and brains of the operating systems. Without them, your yard is dependent on manual hydration. We can monitor and test the system with every visit, to ensure your system remains in working order. Solenoids are a common maintenance item, and should be inspected regularly.



Not a fan of playing in the mud? Let us take care of the dirty work- we’ll handle all your repairs, including any additions or replacements. With The Desert Root, you can count on receiving advice from educated, experienced professionals. We’ll provide you with options that suit your needs and your budget. Call for your free estimate today!