The Art of Self-Sustainability Through Edible Landscape

What does Agriscaping mean?

Agriscaping combines the best of ornamental landscaping and productive agriculture. It supports sustainability and local food access by converting landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens. 

Agri-Scape: (noun, verb)

Noun: meaning a landscape that creatively and elegantly integrates elements of productive agriculture either by means of growing produce (edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs) or other useful plants to reduce useless consumption, landfill waste, and water usage.

Verb: the act of creating elegant, productive, and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of health and humanity.

Agriscaping has growing relevance and meaning to people in different ways around the globe, but none as comprehensive as what is being practiced and taught by Justin Rohner and the Agriscaping Technologies Team based in the arid deserts of Arizona.

Is your landscape feeding your family?

Featured below is an Agriscape install. Every plant and tree is either edible or produces something edible.